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Thank you to all Caregivers and Care Partners!

You might not always feel it, but your loved one appreciates your support and help more than you realize even when they don’t say it or show it. Hopefully you received thanks for all that you do this thanksgiving holiday, but if you didn’t, know that your contributions make a real difference in both the life of the person you are helping, and your own life!

As a caregiver remember it is critically important to take time for yourself, get good sleep, exercise, eat healthy, take mental breaks and get the support you need when you need it!

Resources for Caregivers

Saying Thank You to your Caregiver or Care Partner

If you want to say thank you to your caregiver or care partner and are looking for ideas on how to do that below are some suggestions for you!

  1. A hug and a thank you at a random moment when they least expect it goes a long way in letting your caregiver or care partner know they are truly appreciated.

  2. A simple surprise thank you note any time of the year is a special thought that is always welcome.

  3. A personalized gift that matches your care giver/care partners personality, hobbies, lifestyle or general need is nice as well, and doesn't have to cost a lot.

Gift ideas

A Break from Care giving:

  1. Send your caregiver to lunch with a friend (your treat)

  2. Have your caregiver pick a time of their choosing for a nap or quiet break to read a book

  3. If your able – bring your caregiver or care partner a drink or food treat to share

  4. If your able – offer to help out with an activity you normally don’t do

Self-Care Gift Ideas:

  1. A bag of their favorite snack food or one you know they will enjoy

  2. Gift card to their favorite beauty or athletic store

  3. Gift card for a massage

  4. Box of chocolates

  5. Heating pad

  6. Soft sleep mask

  7. Soft throw blanket

  8. Lavender and valerian root lotion or spray to help them sleep at night

  9. Sample box of different teas (energizing, relaxing, immune boosting)

  10. Tickets to a movie or an in person show they have mentioned

  11. Hand and foot spa ingredients, including socks you can put in a basket

Help with Care giving:

  1. A day off – find a volunteer or family member to help

  2. Anything you think will make their life easier when they are helping you

Remember - Any gift or “Thank You” that comes from the heart will be appreciated!

Thank you to all of the caregivers and care partners out there who make a difference every day!


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