Get a helping hand to keep track of your test results and stay on one healthy track!

Are you trying to figure out the best way to manage your health or help a family member?  If yes, you might have realized that monitoring blood test results is a critical and sometimes challenging step in managing chronic kidney disease while on dialysis.

The One Track Health mobile application is designed to help. It shows you quickly where you are with the key blood test results for your specific condition, allows you to share that information as you want and gives you tips on disease management to keep you on one healthy track.

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July 2020

Life is busy. For anyone managing their own or a family members chronic illness, keeping track of regular blood test results and news related to their chronic illness is challenging.
One Track Health is designed to simplify your life. It allows patients and caregivers to easily track changes in blood results over time, and gives a quick visualizaiton on whether you are on track for your health goals.
Diet and excercise play an important part of management of any disease, and keeping up to date with latest advances, news and tips on healthy living with a specific disease can truly make a difference as more and more of us manage our own diseases.
This mobile application shows you quickly where you are with the key indicators for your specific condition and gives you tips on disease management and up to date news to keep you on track.
Life rarely is perfect, but we can make it the best life possible with a little help, and that is what this website and associated mobile app was designed to do, one step at a time!
                                                                 Lets all stay on ONE Healthy Track.
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