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​How it Began

The One Track Health mission and desire to help came from my own personal experience. My father was a respected physician, professor and director of critical care who developed chronic kidney disease and transitioned to dialysis later in life. The challenge for him and our entire family was huge, not only in regards to everything you need to learn but also the overall mental shift from being healthy and taking your health for granted to dealing with a chronic disease.


My father dealt with this change with such grace it was truly amazing to witness. With that said, it is a challenge, as your daily life is different than it once was, and having a positive outlook and a feeling of control is a huge part of staying healthy while managing any chronic disease.

I am a scientist by training and have a similar passion for knowledge as my father, and together we continually researched about management of this disease, and believed that others might benefit from what we learned; that need to share is what led me to develop the content you will find on this website.

Knowledge at your fingertips allows you to make quicker informed decisions!

A critical part of CKD management is regularly monitoring key blood test results so that diet and treatment adjustments can be made as soon as possible. I soon realized keeping track of blood test results from various laboratories was time consuming and there was no easy way for our family to share and track specific blood test results with each other and with physicians in a quickly interpretable way to make a timely difference in terms of his diet and health care management. 

I created the One Track Health mobile application with my family's input to provide a quick and simple way to visualize, share and track key blood test results in the context of a person with chronic kidney disease on dialysis. The application saves patients and their caregivers time by enabling quick access to relevant information to help with disease management. The mobile application is also customizable, so you can use the same application for multiple family members with different conditions where you track the blood test results.

Living your Best Life!

At my core, I am a positive person, and my goal is to share that positive energy while also providing useful information. This website and the associated mobile application in development is a reflection of that.

One Track Health is here to help keep you and your family stay on one healthy track by providing relevant information and resources to help you all live your best life!

All the Best,


If you have benefited from the information provided on this website, please pass it on!

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Welcome to One Track Health!

At One Track Health, our mission is to inspire people with chronic kidney disease (CKD) who are either transitioning to dialysis or on dialysis due to stage five chronic kidney disease, also known as end stage renal disease (ESRD) to live their best life! 

If this applies to you, please know that our goal is to provide valuable tools and information to help you make healthy informed choices so you can live your best life!

Get quick to the point information on the latest kidney disease news and discoveries and why it's important for you to know.