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April 2023 CKD Insider Newsletter

Welcome to the Chronic Kidney Disease Insider Newsletter. If you are living with chronic kidney disease (CKD) on dialysis, have had a kidney transplant or are helping care for someone who is, this newsletter was created for you and your family! The content is meant to keep you and/or a family member up to date on the latest information to help you manage your health now and in the near future in consultation with your physician. In this month’s CKD Insider: AKF 37-Mile Fundraising Challenge, High Potassium & IgA Nephropathy Awareness Days, HDU Tips for Keeping Fit, OneTrackHealth App Available On All Platforms, Kidney Transplant Quick Facts and your Fun Tip of the Day!


News from Kidney Organizations

AKF 37-Mile Challenge The American Kidney Fund (AKF) 37-Mile Challenge is a virtual challenge and fundraiser to support education, resources, and treatment access for the 37 million Americans living with kidney disease. May 1st, 2023, The 37- Mile Challenge Starts Learn more about the challenge here. Join the Facebook group here.


AAKP Webinar for National High Potassium Awareness Day is May 1st The American Association of Kidney Patients (AAKP) is hosting its 4th Annual AAKP "ARE YOU O-K+?" campaign. This campaign includes a free virtual educational "Are You O-K+" webinar on Monday, May 1, 2023.

May 1st, 2023, 1:00-2:00 PM EST Learn more here or register here.


IGA Nephropathy Foundation Awareness Day is May 14th The IGA Nephropathy Foundation has a week of events planned to help those with IgA Nephropathy. May 14th, 2023, Spirit Week Events Start Learn about IgA Nephropathy from NKF here. Learn about IgA Nephropathy Foundation Awareness activities here.


HDU Dialysis at Home: Tips for Keeping Fit with CKD This Home Dialyzers United (HDU) webinar will offer tips and ideas to stay on a healthy track including practical tips for developing an exercise routine that works for you and on diet considerations while navigating CKD and home dialysis. May 18th, 2023, 8:00-9:15 PM EST Register here.


NKF Upcoming Kidney Walks Several Kidney Walk events are taking place in May across the country. The Kidney Walk is organized by the National Kidney Foundation (NKF), and is a fundraiser and awareness event that raises funds for kidney disease research, advocacy, and transplantation. Find a walk near you here.


Kidney Organizations Advocating For You The Living Donor Protection Act was Re-Introduced in the US Congress On April 27th, The Living Donor Protection Act was re-introduced by a group of bipartisan sponsors. The Living Donor Protection Act would provide several protections for organ donors, including preventing donors from losing current or future life or disability insurance coverage due to their organ donation. The bill (H.R.2923/S.1384) would also expand the current protections and inclusion for donors under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). The National Kidney Foundation (NKF), American Association of Kidney Patients (AAKP), and American Society of Nephrology (ASN) all have launched a nationwide campaign in support of the bill. Want to have your voice heard on this topic? You can contact your congressional representatives and let them know your thoughts on this bill. Find your representatives and their contact information here.


Your Fun Tip of the Day!

Take time to smell the flowers! Spring is here! Have you noticed all the flowers blooming during your travels or in your own backyard? If you haven't had the chance to enjoy the flowers because it has been raining a lot where you live or you have been inside too much, remember you can bring these bright spring flower colors into your home.

Below are some ideas to get you started!

  • Cut flowers from your garden and place them where you will see them regularly

  • Ask a neighbor if you can take a few flowers for inside your home (after praising them for the beautiful work they have done!)

  • Go to your local discount store and buy some plastic flowers in bright colors (great if you have allergies)

  • Buy a bouquet of flowers at your local flower stand

  • Blow up a favorite picture you took of colorful flowers and hang it in your home

  • Use the flowers outside your window as inspiration and paint what you see

  • Attend a local flower show and take the time to smell the flowers and enjoy the beauty right in front of you!

Also, if your in need of a good laugh, watch a replay of the Carol Burnett 90th birthday celebration on NBC, watch her shows on replay or just find a good comedian you like and let yourself have some full bellied laughs!


Four Things You Might Not Know About Kidney Transplants

From NYU Langone Health News Hub

  1. You Don’t Need to Be on Dialysis to Qualify for a Kidney Transplant

  2. One New Kidney Is All That’s Needed

  3. Kidneys That Stop Working Stay Put

  4. A New Kidney Isn’t Placed in the Same Spot as the Original One

You can read more about each topic above here.


The One Track Health mobile application is now available on all platforms: Google Play, Apple App Store and as a Web App!

What it is: The free One Track Health mobile smartphone and web based app allows you to easily view, track and share key blood test results and get the latest news and educational information delivered to you directly in the app.

The app is designed specifically for people on dialysis and their care partners. There are five default test result ranges included in the app (Albumin, Hemoglobin, Calcium, Phosphorus and Potassium) based on the consultant nephrologists recommendation and authoritative references - see the in-app Test Help Guide to learn more. The app is also customizable so you can change the ranges as you want with your nephrologists recommendations.

Available on Google Play, Apple App Store and as a Web App here. Download Today!

Why it's important: Staying on top of your blood test results while on dialysis can help you make informed decisions on your daily food choices consistently in the context of your situation. The small adjustments to your food choices on a daily basis can add up to bigger and more positive changes in the long run.


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