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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Quick Information and Advocacy Alert

As we all know the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has forced most of us to practice social distancing by staying at home. The CDC website has great information on how to protect yourself, please see all their information on preventative measures here. Washing your hands with soap and water for 20+ seconds can prevent the virus from infecting human cells, and disinfecting surfaces we touch regularly in addition to social distancing are key activities we can all do, but we must be vigilant. We are capable of stopping the spread. We just need to be in it together!

If you are someone who goes to a dialysis center outside of the home this can be a scary time. You should be seeing your dialysis center practicing extreme caution and putting extra measures in place to ensure patients are as safe as possible. With that said you do have the option to learn how to do dialysis at home, assuming professionals are available to provide you with the training, whether you feel ready to consider this or not, we can help those that are considering this.

The National Kidney Foundation has put out an Advocacy Alert to help congress recognize the need for more home hemodialysis options to be available - I am reposting below in verbatim to spread the request.


National Kidney Foundation Advocacy Alert - March 23rd

Patients need immediate increased options to train for home dialysis. Dialysis patients who typically receive hemodialysis in facilities of 8-25 people are at increased risk of COVID-19 and its complications. While many dialysis facilities are putting in place extra measures and precautions to treat patients safely in their clinics, they deserve the option to dialyze at home.

Congress is developing legislation right now to help protect Americans in response to COVID-19. Take action now to ensure your Members of Congress understand that it’s a priority to give patients the option to treat at home.

Sincerely, Troy Zimmerman Vice President, Government Relations


Please be safe everyone! We will get through this! We have companies, researchers and public health teams all working to find new treatments and faster testing options so we can identify and manage those that test positive and need help beyond recovery at home. There are actually many examples of people working together in a positive way that should give us all hope! If you are interested to learn about the latest information on how technology is being utilized globally to help beat the coronavirus sign up for our newsletter.

We will make it to the other side if we practice the standard precautions!

Stay home, wash hands and surfaces regularly, protect others by staying as far away as you can (6 ft minimum) and if you are sick and sharing a home wear protective covering so you don't pass the virus to those in high risk categories.

All the best!


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